Emotional Intelligence in Pakistan

Emotional Intelligence in Pakistan

Your heart has four chambers, which are the left and right atria and the left and right ventricles.

Apart from the physical structure, your heart is also attached to emotions. Especially like this POEM.


Emotional Intelligence in Pakistan
Emotional Intelligence in Pakistan



Title: My Heart and the Rainbow

My heart pounds or gets excited
when I see a rainbow in the sky

Exactly the way it leaped when I was Young
and even when I turn old.

I wish that with each purposeful day…
I grow closer to nature or brute life.

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You live your life by standardizing each procedure. Especially by setting your limits.

You experience a mental reaction like Love, anger, or fear. That is directed towards a specified object. This also ensues a psychological and behavioral change in your body. In simple words, it is a state or feeling.

You can become an emotionally intelligent person by following a few simple steps:

  • Offer solutions, not a commentary
  • Ask questions
  • Read news about your industry every day
  • Write
  • Study your industry audience and other relevant audiences
  • Establish your voice

Try and network with other bloggers –

It will boil down to understanding your own emotions and that of other people. You can read about and collect all the necessary emotional triggers and use that to guide thinking.

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