#IAMcHina My Interaction and chat conversations with the Chinese people are nothing but wonderful. Let us look down upon arrogance, racism and promote generosity and humanity.

Let us shun the habit of capitalizing on every opportunity. And become a better global citizen. Don’t you see the intent behind the invention of the internet?

This may include Microsoft, Google, YouTube, WordPress, and Facebook.

Someone designs these technologies to bring people together. Not to create a divide. Let us assume these people did patent the technology and have brought it to where it is. People like Larry Page, Bill Gates, Mr. Mark, and the rest.

Haven’t they earned enough from this idea? has this idea failed? Maybe because it does not fulfill its purpose.


Let us all think for a while and reflect. Can you think of branding a disease to a country? I would never say the United States of AIDS or H1N1 would I?

In a similar situation, you can not call this a Chinese Virus. This could have happened to you or anyone of us.


For assigning a term that is derogatory to so many people around the world.


Because my heart and mind accept the people of China as intelligent, hardworking and deserving.

They deserve to be a #superpower and maybe one day become the only superpower in the world.

That is why #IAMcHina

Understanding China and Hard Work


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