Irfan Junejo Talking about Kashmir

Irfan Junejo Talking about Kashmir

I do not care if you have a billion followers. Especially, If you do not feel comfortable talking about Kashmir? and if you feel that Kashmir is a lost cause?

How many of you still remember that video in which he said that He will not talk about Kashmir?

Scenz kuch aisey hein ! Bhaiyay scenez sirf adult film mein hotey hein! aur kuch Angraizi filmon mein. Ab indian filmon mein bhi ho jatey hein.

Kashmir is soon going to be a part of Pakistan. InshaAllah

Everyone wants it to be. If you pulled a political stunt because you were told to act in a certain way… then shame on you again.


Irfan Junejo Talking about Kashmir
Irfan Junejo Talking about Kashmir?


A true Pakistani will never say any bad thing about Kashmir because of the sacrifices that these people have put forward. And for so many years, that it hurts the soul.

The things that you are supposed to say on national television or OTT channels. I know there were definite monetary reasons for your motivation. But Now Pakistanis and Pakistan do not want you back especially when Ad Sense is closing everyone’s accounts. If Mr. Irfan has left Pakistan then, best of luck to him, but if not then woe on you.

Why would I dedicate a post to this matter? because this is a serious concern. We will have to set a few examples so that tomorrow no one dares to make fun of the blood and sacrifice of Pakistanis and Kashmiris.

I know he did not mean it in a bad way, it was not the niche of his channel. But influencers need to be extra cautious. Because they are not only preparing the minds of their audience but also helping in opinion formation.

Message to Irfan Junejo:

Something is missing in you as far as the love for Kashmiris is concerned!

Irfan Junejo Talking about Kashmir


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