Digital Art in Pakistan

Digital Art in Pakistan and why it is Important?

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Digital art in Pakistan and why is it important? An artist is a person who must think differently. He may belong to the same society and be part of the same culture.

An artist must redefine the things that create sense and havoc. So a good artist may find his creativity from turbulence and/or serenity.

Digital Art in Pakistan

The problem with art is that most of us do not take it seriously. We do not per se LOVE art. It is something that is there and for free.

With little awareness and a lack of understanding, we fail to appreciate various art forms.

But, there is light at the end of the tunnel. People are selling their art. One thing that you can do is to convert your digital paintings into a canvas form and display it in an art gallery.

I cannot exactly name the gallery that will accept your work. But if you are a good artist then your art sells itself.


Digital and traditional painting contain similar rules, the only difference is the tools and the application. Digital painting is probably 100 times easier than real oil paint for so many reasons (just undo or saving as many versions as you want in digital is enough, in traditional you can go back there is no redo…so it’s difficult, very difficult.)

Digital Art in Pakistan
Digital Art in Pakistan

You also need PERSPECTIVE.

1) Shapes (Composition, silhouette and/or correct drawing).

2) Values (Let just focus first on getting the lighting correctly via monochromatic or achromatic, then you can apply some colors as you advance further in your illustration process.

3) Edges (Soft/Hard and lost) In real life most edges look soft because our eyes are constantly moving.

Digital art is all about appealing to more senses. You need to hit the sweet spot by providing a visual, auditory, and a spiritual boost. All this has to align with the principles of decency. The audience notices the personality, and they choose to subscribe or buy.

The things that you need to do are a simple combination of common sense, hard work, practice, and patience.


Digital Art in Pakistan
Digital Art in Pakistan

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