What are the Benefits of learning NEW Technology in Pakistan?

What are the Benefits of learning NEW Technology in Pakistan?

Once again, the platform of Digi-skills is one example. If a person in Pakistan decides that he/she wants to change the current value or the Rs. rate against the $. And by Allah’s grace.

They can bring it down. I believe we need some internet cushions or an edge. Something that we Pakistanis can export as an I.T product. It can be a piece of technology that adds to the uniqueness and the Pakistani profile. Especially with efforts for Ease Of Doing Business in Pakistan.

The I.T sector will have a different outlook and meaning for the westerners. We in Pakistan think it is all about computers or software and hardware.

Today, we have this

But, we need to keep a close watch, if you invent a technology? Will you prefer an outsider to take over? Obviously, No. People love keeping their technological advancements to themselves. So we do not know how advanced the U.S has grown. To create a balance. Pakistanis will have to fully support and understand Chinese technology.

All I am saying is to prepare yourself. The task is humongous. As you know to become a Global Unanimous Superpower? China will need to develop all the better versions of technology that are available in the western markets. Not only that, but they will also have to exceed the advancements in their technology. Make it better than the U.S and make it harder to catch up.



The friends of China will have to support them by opening their doors and providing them with skilled labor and manpower.

For example, If they need computer parts then commit to making those parts. Create those parts in surplus and of good quality.

Follow the principles of TQM and Kaizen.

The. U.S has ruled the world for as far as I can remember. It is a time for a change and a shift in power. So you see, they(the U.S) did not solve any major problems like poverty. But they created or manufactured weapons and everything about coldblooded warmongering.

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