Consumer Behavior in a Pakistani Market

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Consumer Behavior in a Pakistani Market

We the Pakistani people are a basic consumer market. Being part of such a market we buy services, products, and goods.

It depends on your personal preference. You can spend your hard-earned money on material possessions. And have a traveling budget. You are the boss and it is primarily a subjective matter.

Similarly, I buy products. In this video, I have justified why I do so.



Furthermore, some people may invest their time and money into traveling or learning about new places. These places can be a scenic spot or some quiet place for some personal time and recreation. I always wondered why people do not care for my time when I travel. If someone could create a package that will save me from wasting my precious time while traveling?

My personal travel guide or an assistant. Who provides me with everything I need while traveling. And adds an extra touch of making my experiences memorable.


Fever helps users discover the best plans and experiences in their cities. If you are a die-hard traveler? then this service is for you. Do check them out!

And this will bring back so many of us. It enlivens the experiences industry. If someone tells you that a certain place looks more beautiful at night? Wouldn’t that save you time?


Sherlock's Mind Palace Afternoon Tea & Mini Mystery
Sherlock’s Mind Palace Afternoon Tea & Mini Mystery

I believe that there are two types of people in this world. Collectors and Traveler. Unfortunately, I am a collector. But do check them out anyway. You never know when you finally decide to go out and about to travel far and wide.

Maybe people who collect material items are scared to get lost. With Fever, they do not have any justifications and excuses.

Fever is available in Belgium, France, Portugal, Spain, United Kingdom & United States.

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