My friends are Creatives and Hearing Impaired – Abey KHAO

Abey KHAO- My friends are creatives and hearing impaired. In this case, their specialty is food.

Abey KHAO is a small cafe that aims to break the communication barriers between Deaf and Hearing communities. By promoting Sign Language.

This is a wonderful idea. It is located in Mughal Market, I-8/1
Islamabad, Pakistan

A brilliant initiative and I recommend it and advise other people to learn from them. I have also interacted with a few hearing-impaired youngsters and I found them full of life and energetic.

I found them to be creative and thinkers. These individuals are gifted. I believe that when one power of communication is taken away, various other powers become active.

This also means that we humans communicate in a verbal and non-verbal manner. Then there is sign language. I wish them all the best and I hope that they open a cafe in Karachi soon.

Check out: Their Facebook Page

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Mr. Sheikh Faizan Raza started “Abey Khao” with sibling Mr. Jawad Raza as a food cart but later bought a shop and expanded the business.
The goal is to provide job opportunities for the hearing impaired and elevate their status in society.

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