Former Spokes Person of Ministry of Foreign Affairs Tasneem Aslam's Interview

Former Spokes Person Ministry of Foreign Affairs Tasneem Aslam’s Interview

Tasneem Aslam’s Interview:  Aslam was a Pakistani career diplomat who formerly served as the spokesperson of Ministry of Foreign Affairs.



Where there is smoke there is fire. In a situation like this, it is best to stop the Nun league from interfering in Pakistani politics.

This interview is living proof of sidelining the Kashmir cause. But I am happy that India did not succeed and the timing was right.

I hope and pray that we the older Pakistanis may play a pivotal role in the development and prosperity of Pakistan.

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Tasneem Aslam’s Interview

After joining the Foreign Service of Pakistan in 1984, she served in missions in New Delhi, The Hague and Paris before serving as ambassador to Italy between 2007-2010 and to the Kingdom of Morocco in 2012.[3] She served as the Additional Foreign Secretary for European Affairs from August 2013 till December 2013.[4]

Moreover, Aslam’s alma maters include the University of Punjab, where she received a Master in Business Administration, and The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University, where she was awarded a master’s degree in International Relations.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs Tasneem Aslam’s (Former) Interview


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