Writing in Pakistan

Writing in Pakistan

You will find an eBook that you will enjoy reading at the end of this blog post. A video that will help you understand the importance of valuable content.

Writing becomes easier when you are 120,000 words stronger and better. To me, it is more like a piece of cake. O.K I am messing with you. Maybe, it is not that easy. But let us look at the importance of writing in a different language like English.

Although it is difficult to express yourself, it is not impossible. So writing is more like a task and not a routine. It is a chore that becomes better with practice. A satiating feeling that enables you to express yourself in a language that is not your own.

My point is simple and that is to follow old authors and that is the real language. It is all slang in today’s time and age.

So, my second point is to learn both the variations. For example, when you write, use coherent language and not slang.

I wrote this book by gathering all the posts on this blog. This enabled me to gather all the relevant topics and combine them into this PDF file.

And the feeling of reading this on my kindle was out of this world. Let me rephrase that. The feeling of reading your own writing, especially when it makes sense.

It was motivating. And memories of writing those passages and by developing an acquaintance. In particular, with that feeling.

It gives me great pleasure to present this PDF eBook on Writing.

There is one more eBook that you can find on this website. And that is on Copy-writing. But this one is more on Content writing and marketing.

DOWNLOAD PDF BOOK: Write with Confidence

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