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Fear And Power Afternoon Beat by Rameez Qaiser

Afternoon Beat – Podcast – Let us begin by discussing two of the unique motivations that are other than intrinsic and extrinsic. This means that they do not bind themselves to time, money, and space. These motivations are:

  • The motivation of “Power and
  • The motivation of “Fear”.

To begin with, to achieve that perfect balance, the motivation of fear and power can work together. Especially, through a leader who possesses these traits. David McClelland suggests that results can improve significantly, especially, by altering the employee’s motivation or the power motive.


Now, We discuss the institutional power and how it functions? The key to enhancing the motivation of an employee lies in a strategic and well-directed intervention by the management. The employees in the distribution, sales, production, and R&D can improve their performance through proper interventions by the manager. In the 1990s, it became evident that a new practice was due to take its course as the previous methods were no longer leading to a desirable outcome.


Power is a great motivator. You want to control, influence, and direct others. A person in power may prefer to win arguments and enjoy winning most of his competition, simultaneously making full use of recognition and status. Similarly, fear has variations and one of them is a superstition which is simply a reverence for the supernatural. Plus they initiate from carelessness and ignorance. Earlier, people believed that any phenomenon that wreaked havoc was the doing of the devil or the spirit, which showed a lack of intelligence and intellect.

Afternoon Beat – Podcast- The fear of an Earthquake:

Importantly, your fear can add to this amalgam. Are you afraid of thunder, the lightning, the earthquake, and darkness? Furthermore, what happens when you combine danger and fear? You start to realize that there is nowhere to hide. Likely, superstition is a farce, and it outshines the most dramatic absurdities that exist. The discussion about superstition surfaces here to highlight a type of fear.

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