#safehands Challenge in Pakistan #ifightcorona

Safe hands challenge ; Rameez-ism does the #safehands Challenge in Pakistan #ifightcorona


Hello World. I know, I know, we all make mistakes. But they have an entire team. I am talking about a new corn Virus. This virus was developed in an article on the tribune. Some of you might not find this funny but here is the proof. This is the condition of a super newspaper website.


Rameez-ism does the #safehands Challenge in Pakistan #ifightcorona
Rameez-ism does the #safehands Challenge in Pakistan #ifightcorona


It cracks under pressure. The nerve gets to you.


These times are testing everything about us.


The U.N on Thursday encouraged people across the world in a safe hand challenge against the new coronavirus on the upcoming World Water Day.


To raise awareness about hand hygiene to contain the spread of COVID-19 or other infectious diseases-


“Take the #SafeHands Challenge by sharing your hand-washing video on social media channels. Please don’t forget to turn off the tap,” it said in the statement.

SOURCE: https://www.aa.com.tr/en/health/un-inspires-safe-hands-challenge-amid-virus-outbreak/1772048

Although I turned off the TAP, I forgot to use my towel at the end.


But Did you know that we learn and evolve? So, I accept the challenge and I want you to make a promise that whenever you sense that your hands might have some dirt on them or maybe you have not washed your hands for a while. Please make sure that you use these techniques and save yourself a hassle.

 As they say, prevention is better than cure. I believe the planet earth is getting impatient with us.

 We did not take care of climate change, that was the way this planet was warning us. But we do not listen. Anyways I hope and pray that all you stay safe and healthy. #safehands Challenge #Ifightcorona

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Safe hands challenge

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