Reflect and Rise in Solitude

Reflect and Rise in Solitude

Indeed, Reflect and Rise in Solitude. If you Kill me? I will be a martyr. If you exile me? I will have the privilege of doing Hijrah in the way of Allah. And if you imprison me I will have the privacy of remembering Allah. You can do nothing against me.

Moreover, this is not the time to enroll in unlimited courses. I will share my experience, unquestionably, During this time that we are in. A course can not suffice. There is this need to look inwards. Get closer.

Nevertheless, Shaykh Atif Ahmed is the C.E.O of the educational institute. Also, Under which several projects and organs operate including:

1. Al Midrar Institute

2. Al Munadi (Social Wing)

3. Cyclone Labs (Graphic House)

About Them:

Furthermore, their trainers and instructors are well-grounded in the Islamic tradition while also excelling in their respective fields of learning. It extends from psychology, entrepreneurship, management, and sales to education, economics, communication, and everything in between. In particular, Al Midrar is dedicated to providing viable and effective solutions to people and organizations alike. Correspondingly, they have the capacity to offer concise bite-sized solutions. Detailed full-day workshops depending on the gravity and nature of the question at hand.

About Shaykh Atif Ahmed

In addition, Shaykh Atif Ahmed has studied from the University of Houston, Dallas. He is currently the CEO of Al Midrar Institute, where he teaches Principles of Management Sciences, Human Behavioural Psychology, History, Spiritual Economics, Perceptional Entrepreneurship, Sociology, Ethics, and Philosophy. Importantly, Shaykh Atif completed his Aalim Course from Mahad ul Quran in front of Karachi University under the surveillance of Grand Shaykh Mufti Khaleel ur Rahman Lakhvi. He holds a certification in Quranic EXEGESIS From Mohaddis Mufti Shaykh Abdullah Amjad Chatwee and certification in Saheeh al Bukhari from Shaykh Mehmood Ahmed Hassan.

The Miracle called Islam- Reconstruction of Religious Thought

Above all, It should be noted, that He believes in transforming the state of the society by empowering the youth. Especially, by enhancing their power of contemplation, cogitation, and ponderance over the barriers and problems in their life. Clearly, by counseling the individuals and groups, thus providing them the platform to become responsible and civilized citizens of our society.

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