Social Distancing in Pakistan

Social Distancing in Pakistan – A Reminder

In this video, I request my dear Pakistani brothers and sisters to stay safe and practice social distancing.

Mind you, your kids are home, not because these are their summer holidays.

You cannot go out for a picnic. You do not need a field trip. Be aware that by not distancing yourself? You can endanger your loved ones. You can also cause great financial stress and sorrow for your family and friends.

We do not know this monster. And we do not know the exact appetite that it has. All we know is that if you stay indoors? you will stay safe.

Social Distancing in Pakistan– On other days I would never listen to anyone, I would eat and drink soft drinks and do whatever. But other people get affected. The dynamics are completely different.

And we must ensure an environment that is supportive and cooperative.

I request you to sanitize your work area. When you come inside, try and sanitize whatever groceries you bought.

Do not worry, because this is temporary. the best brains and engineers are working on it and will soon find a cure. InshaAllah.

Until then we need to stay indoors. Not for our sake but for the sake of others around us.

I hope that you will convey this message to young people because they are the future, and we want them to have a healthy and complete life.

Take care and keep Praying.

#safehands Challenge in Pakistan #ifightcorona


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