Khana E Kaaba Closed for Deep cleaning

Khana E Kaaba Closed for Deep cleaning

I request the Pakistani authorities to take strict action against this measure. Although the Kaaba is situated in Saudi Arabia, it is not their property. Every Muslim must have an equal say.

There are Millions of methods that can be adopted. My suggestion is to request the house of Saud to provide limited access – It is madness to stop the Tawaaf.

If you want this pandemic to not be the last pandemic that this world faces? then My suggestion is to ask each Muslim country to send 10 lucky and healthy people for Tawaaf and Umrah.

Khana E Kaaba Closed for Deep cleaning– You will be responsible for the consequences. If you have conceded your defeat and have given up then mind you, we the Pakistanis don’t see it that way.

The Kaaba and Masjid e Nabwi may be situated far away from Pakistan. But they are near to us. It is unimaginable for a Muslim that Tawaf may stop. Once again I request you to immediately reinstate the Tawaaf. If it is only one person who performs a tawaf.

Also if you are fed-up with everything, and you want doomsday to establish earlier then don’t do anything. Please DONT PROVOKE ALLAH TAALA. Share this message!

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