Moron - Definition and Meaning

Moron – Definition and Meaning

India: A laughing stock for the world

This RSS leader should know that Islam is one of the fastest-growing religions in the world.

A prime example of hatred against Muslims alone. Watch and observe:

I do not know this human in person but I would like you to penalize his audacity in the video above. Would love you to penalize India for their discrimination, not only against the Muslims but for the Sikhs and other minorities as well.

I would love to tell you that we Muslims are here and we are watching. Lions normally grab and chew their prey’s neck so that it suffocates to death. Hope that this video will clarify the true intentions of one Indian leader and the rest of them as well.

If you go back in history, a movement will not succeed if it aims to destroy another race, religion or culture. But, a freedom movement or the right to plebiscite may have more chances.

Going back in time:

I used to think that I learned the essay on Kashmir Issue in my 9th grade. I learned it by heart. And on the final day at school, and as every young Pakistani may think in a similar manner.

I said to myself and prayed. I prayed that this issue gets resolved. Although, I was young and I did not know the true intentions of this country.


Moron - Definition and Meaning
Moron – Definition and Meaning

In context – a socially challenged moron:

Moron - Definition and Meaning
Moron – Definition and Meaning


Now it is clear more than ever. This country will not survive. Because of the stance that they have adopted. It is funny how an enemy which is destined to perish starts making all the wrong moves.

The funnier part is that they cannot back off from this claim. As you can clearly see and hear in the video. This socially challenged moron thinks that there is a difference in humans. Some are better than others. Especially the Hindus are better than Muslims. Brahmans are better than Shudra. Etc.

Final thoughts: We do not need to do anything. They are Talking about Muslims. Let the Muslims take care of them.

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