How to make a YouTube video in Pakistan?

How to make a YouTube video in Pakistan?

Your message must have a universal appeal for example, all of us want to be magnetic. To begin with, I urge you to take out two minutes to read this post and watch this video.

You will have to watch the video first. I will also share the thought process that went behind this video. The concept was to tell a small story about magnetism. What is magnetism and how you can become more magnetic?  The tools that I use in this video are a cheap 4.K action camera and a tall tripod.

You might have noticed, that sometimes you write a piece and lose it due to technical difficulty. Maybe your electricity shuts down or you face a mini power outage. Therefore, sometimes the file gets stored in your writing software but most of the time you lose your file.

The point is simple, it is best to back up your work and regularly. My second point is all about creative problem-solving. The story behind this video is simple. I lost the audio to this footage. So I changed the game. This also means that people will stick and watch your video if you have poor video quality, but they will never watch a video with poor audio.

This is an understood logic that most You-tubers preach. So my point is simple and that is what if both the audio and the video are bad? then what? can your content save you?

It is up to you to decide. I lost my audio because of technical difficulty but the good thing was that this 4K camera has an internal mic that recorded what I was saying.

This video is ranking at the top on YouTube for the targeted keywords.

What do you think? do you really think that audio and video stand a chance? If the personality is expressive? through his eyes, hands, and bodily gestures? would that suffice? especially for conveying the message?

Do you like the story and the song? The song that I have used in this video in another masterpiece—

Full Credits to: 

Guitar: Aamir Zaki Violin: William Harvey Composition: Zoe Viccaji Arranged and produced by Shahi Hasan/Indus World Music Download/Audio:… 

The voice is different due to a change in pitch for YouTube copyright claims. 

So you see, we are a tiny operator in this world of creativity. We can not conceive and appreciate the hard work that goes behind creating a piece. The entire thought process and sweat and sacrifice. All we see are numbers, for example, the likes to dislikes ratio. Another aspect is to keep your voice soothing and your speech motivational and positive. Use tools like story blocks to weave a story around your video.

Give your 100 percent and try and gel everything up. Why am I sharing this secret with you? Because I practice what I preach!! Having said that, you must know when you are overdoing it. 

What is Personal magnetism? How to become a more magnetic person?  Personal Magnetism is a simple power of attraction. Some people have it in them. But for the rest of us. We might want to learn this skill.

A magnetic person is not necessarily an extrovert. We find millions of introverts who possess and captivate others around them. I will give you two tips that will help you become magnetic. 

Tip one is to listen to what other people have to say. And Focus on them. By focusing on them you can easily identify their likes, dislikes, and motivations.

My next tip is related to tip number one and that is to make others feel important. Especially the people who are around you. That is it. With a positive mindset, you will be able to avoid miscommunication. And With these tips. They can also help you in your life and business.

You will also need to make the people comfortable. By that, I mean a strategic comfort that you direct towards other people. 

What this will do is make them more communicative and it will become easier for you to listen. And solve their problem or become an indispensable resource. 

A problem solver is presented with innumerable growth and business opportunities.  Magnetism is all about building others. Your right mindset can nurture people around you. It can have a positive impact on their psyche. 

On the flip side. Some people may argue. That these people may incur heavy losses because they put other people first. 

I believe that this statement can be true. But, initially, with this strategy, they might lose the wrong people from their lives. But in the long term, they will become more successful, charming, attractive and magnetic.

On that note Thank you for watching this video on becoming a desirable person. Dear friends this perspective is strictly for business and marketing. And you cannot apply this to relationships or any other psychological field.

Finally, in a digital environment. This nature and its impact turn it into magnified magnetism or makes you viral.

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