Does a Mothers Voice Activate Baby’s Brain?

A mother’s voice will preferentially activate the parts of the brain responsible for language learning, say researchers from the University of Montreal and the Sainte-Justine University Hospital Research Centre. The research team made the discovery after performing electrical recordings on the infants within the 24 hours following their birth.     Suggestion: Furthermore, you may […]

Understanding-Machines - Robotics

Understanding Machines – Robotics

ABSTRACT In the long run, the Parallel kinematic manipulators have a good advantage over the serial manipulators. That due to their higher stiffness and large load carrying capacity. These advantages have increased the uses of parallel mechanisms in various applications. This thesis addresses the issues on stiffness estimation. Comparatively, we present a simple and comprehensive […]


Featured Snippet on Google – Your Article is High-Quality Content

A Featured snippet is an informational 3-4 line that you see as a top result. This is the informational content that immediately shows up in SERP’s. Especially, after the advertisements and sponsored posts. Google shows what it considers to be High-quality content in this space. Because the main focus is to fulfill the user intent. It […]